If you could open a door for someone and show them a fantastic world for them to explore for an hour, what kind of World would it be? An Old West saloon? An underwater city? A destroyed lab complete with a ravenous zombie? Can you work quickly and produce quality results under a deadline? At Portland Escape Rooms we create the Worlds and adventures behind those doors for our Guests to experience first-hand and share in their excitement, joy and fun.

Our detailed sets are filled with props, puzzles and characters for the Guests to interact with to complete all the challenges in the room in under an hour. We are looking for a creative, skilled individual who contributes to our Guests finding that excitement and wonder through the construction and maintenance of those props, puzzles and sets.

Whoever fills this role will be responsible for making sure the puzzles our Guests interact with are working consistently and when broken, are repaired as quickly as possible so that Guests get the full experience of the room.

Job Requirements

+ Carpentry

+ Capable of wiring simple electrical devices as well as read electrical schematics

+ Ability to use necessary power tools and machines (i.e. saws, drills, etc…)

+ Understanding of basic PPE and safety protocols

+ Ability to create basic sketches and blueprints for new projects and builds

+ (Optional) Basic understanding of SketchUp or comparable design software

+ (Optional) Basic understanding of crafting material components and how to integrate into larger builds (i.e. foam, mesh, glass, plexiglass, etc…)

Basic Job Responsibilities:

+ Responsible for the upkeep and rapid repair of existing rooms and puzzles.

+ Physical creation of new puzzles and sets.

+ Responsible for the transportation of oversized objects and dump runs.

+ Working with local facilities manager to ensure the comfort of our Guests.

+ Manage project deadlines, using subcontractor labor as necessary to ensure timely completion.

+ Track puzzle failure and report at a bi-weekly meeting with other senior staff.

Beyond the basics, a superior candidate could immediately take on the following responsibilities or be willing to adopt them as they grow into the job position:

+ Be responsible for tool and prop replacement purchasing and keeping a regular inventory.

+ Recruit subcontractors for specialized fabrication requirements.

+ Maintain documentation on the basic repair of room items and train staff to complete simple jobs.

+ Lead the Safety committee and work with OSHA and local Fire Marshall to ensure Portland Escape Rooms operates in compliance with all laws.

+ Continually seek ways to improve the quality of the set design and produce innovative puzzles and experiences at Portland Escape Rooms.


+ Full Time, salaried position, $30-$40k/yr (depending on experience and skill set), with room for growth.

+ 2 weeks Paid vacation

+ Health Insurance which includes Dental and Vision plans

+ Retirement plan

+ Flexible Work Schedule


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Part time work. Mostly evenings and weekends, 15-30 hours per week.  

Will work with another moderator to ensure an enjoyable puzzle room experience for 2-12 participants.

No experience necessary, training will be provided. Looking for friendly, energetic, reliable, and quick-thinking individuals.  Duties will include, but not limited to: staging and resetting the puzzle room, welcoming and orienting the participants, answering questions, monitoring the escape room puzzle event, taking group photos, collecting feedback from participants, and providing feedback to the owners.  Must be flexible, easily reached and willing to work on short notice.  This is a contract position and you will be paid per event.

This is a great way to earn extra money while having fun helping others have fun!  You can also fit it in around your full-time job, college classes, parenting, or whatever you have going on in your life!

Particularly organized, enthusiastic, and skilled moderators may also be considered for Room Manager.


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